Equalizer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How many versions of Equalizer are there?
There is only one flavor of Equalizer; however, you can also purchase an unlock key from the Market which will unlock all extra features for you.

Which versions of Android is Equalizer compatible with?
AudioManager is compatible with Android versions running 2.3 and above. It is also available and fully optimized for Android Tablets and Google TV.

How can I download Equalizer to my device?
Equalizer is currently available in the Android Market. To download it, go to the market and search for “Equalizer”. Alternatively, you can also click from your Android device here to get the app or here for the Unlocker key.

I’m having problems downloading or installing Equalizer from the Market, what do I do?
For issues having to do with downloading or installing from the Android Market, please contact the Android Market support team directly. The Android Market support site can be found here http://www.google.com/support/androidmarket/.

Does Equalizer increases battery consumption?
Equalizer does not affect battery consumption on your phone, meaning that it will not drain your battery out in a matter of hours.

What sound effects are available with Equalizer?
Equalizer offers the following sound effects: 5 band Equalizer, Bass booster, Virtualizer and Reverb presets.

How do I enable or disable the sound effects?
To enable or disable a sound effect, simply click on the “Power” button located at the top right corner of the screen. Check or uncheck to enable or disable sound effects.

How do I stop Equalizer from running in the background?
To stop Equalizer from running in the background, click on the “Power” button and uncheck all of the sound effects, then press OK and exit the app, the background service will be stopped then.

Will Equalizer work with all Music players out there?
Equalizer will work with most music players out there. There are however a couple of music player apps that are not compatible with third-party equalizer apps like ours. Some of the music apps that we know have problems with Equalizer are: Samsung stock music player, HTC stock music player, Sony Xperia Arc stock music player, Amazon cloud player.

Bass booster, virtualizer and reverb are disabled even though I have headphones plugged in, what do I do?
You must make sure the sound effects are enabled first by clicking on the “Power” button and checking them on. Plugging in your headphones will not automatically enable these sound effects for you.

My widget is not updating itself anymore, what do I do?
This may occur after updating Equalizer to a newer version. All you need to do is delete and then re-add the widget to your home-screen to solve this issue.

How do I unlock all features in Equalizer?
You must download and install the Equalizer Unlock key found in the Android Market. After installing, open the Unlock key once and then tap on the “Open” button once and this will unlock all features of Equalizer for you. For some devices, a restart might be required after pressing the “Open” button.

I’ve noticed some sound stuttering when playing music, what do I do?
If your music starts to “stutter” or skip, try disabling some of the sound effects you have enabled in Equalizer. Some phones can’t take all sound effects running at the same time, so we recommend disabling them one by one until you get a more clear music playback.

Why is the preset auto-detection system not working?
The preset auto-detection will work with a wide variety of music player apps, but it doesn’t support all of them. Check and make sure the player you are using is found in the Player support list. Also, make sure that the MP3 songs that you are playing all have ID3 Music Genre tags filled in as this is required for our app to try and find the best match possible with the built-in presets.

Why can’t I notice a difference with my music playing?
Make sure that Equalizer is enabled and that the music player app is one that is supported by our app. Also, make sure that there aren’t any other third-party Equalizer apps running as this will cause interference with our app.

How do I backup and restore my saved presets?
To create a backup of your profiles or to simply restore a previous backup, press your menu button inside the app, this will reveal two options for backing up or restoring your presets. Make sure your SD card is ready before you proceed with any of these two options.